The church isn’t an organization, institution, or club. It is a family! FBC strives to embody this reality as an entire body as well to equip and strengthen all the members with the body in their homes. The following gives a glimpse into how we seek to do this by equipping the men and women of our church to be spiritual leaders.







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Men & Women

Men’s Ministries

We are in the process of relaunching our men’s ministry. If you are interested in partnering with us contact our Lead Pastor Jeff Grey



Women’s Ministries

Our women’s ministries strive to avoid being another activity on the calendar and, instead, a resource to equip and edify women of all ages to be partners in the Gospel in their homes, workplace, and community.


Various, unique events and opportunities arise throughout the year with this as their primary goal! Stay up to date on the latest happenings in our family by watching here, and join the FBC Women’s Ministry Facebook group.


Have a question or want to get involved? Contact Jennifer Grey.



Golden Age

Golden Age Ministries

In addition to the many foundational ways our older adults serve and worship within the whole family of FBC, we eagerly seek to offer specific opportunities for service and fellowship among our older adults for their blessing and the blessing of our communities.


Primarily this happens through the Golden Age Fellowship, where adults 50 and over, from throughout the community, come together for musical entertainment, a devotion, and conclude with a meal. The main entrée is provided, side dishes and desserts are carried in to share pot-luck style.


Contact Laura White at or call the church office at 660-747-9186 for more information.