When it comes to online giving, you have two options: one-time vs a recurring schedule of giving.


Please note that our church must pay fees associated with a debit/credit card transaction that may range near 2.5%  of your donation. These fees can total $12,000 per year. For this reason, what you see below as the BEST way to give is to set up giving using your bank’s version of online bill pay; this method generates a paper check from your bank that gets mailed directly to the church.





Online giving via a one-time gift



Online giving via a recurring gift to ensure that you never miss an offering to God



Establish a recurring  “bill pay” from your bank account. This can usually be accomplished easily with your bank, and can be set to recur if you choose, and with this method the church incurs no fees.


All information is secure and encrypted to protect you and your information




Online Giving

Continue to Give offers secure giving through their website, using a debit/credit card. If you choose to give using this method, you can create a profile the first time you give, or anytime thereafter.  You can login with your profile to give, update your information, or add/edit recurring transactions.


Give Online